Our Vision

We envision a future where everyone’s profession involves the pursuit of their own passion.

The Social Problem

If you’re a Canadian woman, visible minority, health-affected, or Indigenous person, you will earn 22-54% less than you should.

Every community has the ability to create their own income & employability opportunities. However, the quantity and quality of those opportunities depend on new knowledge, networks, resources, capital, and skills continuously circulating into and throughout the community. Communities that have have continuous access to these drivers of economic opportunity are communities that thrive; while communities without consistent access are communities trapped in a cycle of economic struggle. This unequal access creates the income & employability inequality that we see around us; and this inequality has a tangible opportunity cost of $15,000-40,000 of uncaptured income per year per person in these affected communities.

One of our greatest 21st century challenges is not only opening up the flow of these drivers of economic opportunity, but also encouraging the communities with abundant access to openly share that access. However as difficult as this may seem, we do believe that there is a solution…

Our Solution

Let’s Collaborate our Way to Equality!

When we openly collaborate, we are taking an action to break down inequality and co-create economic opportunities for all. The act of collaborating with diverse communities creates a 2-way free flow of new knowledge, networks, resources, capital, and skills throughout the community. It immediately breaks down the barriers to access and equaly allows all communities to create the economic opportunities they need to sustainably thrive. This is why it is possible for entire communities to collaborate their way to income and employability equality.

What is Jelly Social?

We empower all communities to develop their own income and employability opportunities, with the support of thousands of local collaborators. Jelly Social is a diverse network of 3500+ collaborators that work with all communities to co-create new income and employability opportunities.

Imagine what you could accomplish with thousands of diverse entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and students supporting you! This is why the Jelly Social ‘Collaboration Network’ exists. We’re all big believers in collaborating with peers from all communities and co-creating economic opportunities for all.

Want to Get Involved?

There are a few ways that you can get involved in bringing income and employability equity to all:

▶︎ Let’s Collaborate with Other Jelly Social Network Members

  • Looking to collaborate with one of our 3500 Collaboration Network-members? We would love to hear more about the type of project you have in mind and the help you need. We can then connect you with someone in our Collaboration Network to get things going! Click here to submit a request for collaboration. This will also automatically include you in to the Jelly Social Collaboration Network member. We’re always happy to bring more skilled, diverse professionals into our Collaboration Network!

▶︎ Come out to our next Jelly ‘Community Collision’ event

  • Each month, we host a community event that we call the ‘Jelly Social Community Collision’. The events are designed to bring diverse communities together in-person, and give you a chance to meet peers that you might not normally meet. We always have a team of volunteers on-hand at our events that are there to do one thing; get you connected with everyone else in the room. The volunteers are here to not only facilitate networking, but also facilitate new business collaborations. Our volunteers will personally connect you with other talented people in the room that you can collaborate with, so that you can walk away from the event with a handful of exciting new collaboration opportunities to work on. Our events are very popular, which is why we have been expanding our events to more and more cities. We now hold monthly Community Collision events in Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke, and Downtown Toronto (with more cities to come!). Check out our events page for upcoming events in your area.

▶︎ Spread the Word!


Facilitating peer-to-peer collaborations that build an equitable future for all communities.


● Peers that collaborate together, succeed together

● Openly ask for help, and you will find others that are happy to help you

● It is possible for entire communities to collaborate their way to equality

● Openly offer support without the expectation of personal gain

● Wealth in all forms is abundant – no scarcity mindset!

How the Jelly Social Model Works