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Co-Founder of JELLY; CEO and Event Director of WCN & Evento:



Tel: 748-833-3883

Amanda is a true entrepreneur and has become a natural leader in the event planning industry as she has gained experience throughout the years from planning various events. In 2010 she started working on a project which provided her an opportunity to start coordinating networking events such as luncheons in the GTA and surrounding area to meet local business owners to develop relationships and determine how we can help each other in our industries. Two years later Amanda launched her Networking Organization called WE CAN Network, which has grown to over 1000+ members and counting. WCN has become a community partner of many local businesses and organically developed a platform for business owners to showcase what they do and connect with other leaders in our business community to grow our referral network and create some powerful relationships.

Along her journey, Amanda has become known in the event industry as a “connector” who is a dedicated, passionate event planner. She loves working with people to build on their vision concepts to develop a strategic plan and help it come into fruition and take it to the next level.

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