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Big Girl Interrupted:


We are dynamic women, mothers, wives, and the proud business owners of Big Girl Interrupted. Big Girl Interrupted is a community that is dedicated to inspiring women to uncover what is interrupting their lives. We empower women to disrupt the patterns that have impaired their ability to achieve and grow — learning to stand in their power in realizing their authentic self. We do this by hosting your own personalized Vision Board Party in your home, business or choice of venue. Let us help you build your dream and put you on the path to greatness.


Wendy Curnew- Harris

Wendy is a mother, grandmother and wife. She’s has dedicated her life to helping others, this started at a young age, a passion that lead her to social services where she spent 25 years of her career working with young women. Being a young single mother gave her a unique perspective and clear understanding of the struggles many women face, but also the power that can come through the struggle. She is truly humbled by the opportunities she has been given. Wendy, found herself a big girl 44 over 400lbs, unhealthy, diabetic and questioning her worth. Then she began to ask the question, What’s interrupting my life? It was then that she began to make the changes need to get healthy. Now it’s her mission to help others uncover what’s interrupting your life?


Hazel Williams

Hazel is a fun loving, energic and goal-oriented person who loves to support and help others, which is why she has been in the social services field for more than 20 years supporting families, children, youth and young mothers. Hazel’s dedications and willingness to help others has impact change in the lives of the people she supports. Hazel is described as a “Super Women” because of her dedication and commitment to whom she is helping. This level of her commitment to others has been foster through her personal experiences of being a signal mother who raised a healthy young man with the support of family and community services/supports. Today Hazel is excited to take all of her skills and knowledge to the next level by creating an even more significant

impact through Big Girl Interrupted and asking everyone What’s interrupting your life? Along with sharing her own experiences with interruption and the success of overcoming it with supports and strategies for her to live a life without interruption.

If you are ready to answer the question of What’s interrupting your life? Well, we have the community for you right here.


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