Passion Projects Create Innovation?

Did you know that most of Google’s iconic products – such as Gmail, Google Maps, and Adsense – started out as employee passion projects? Google fuels its innovation through a company-wide initiative called 20% Time. The initiative is simple: commit at least 20% of your time on any project that a) you’re passionate about; b) improves the community; c) develops your skills. The result? A burst of continuous innovation, skill development, community building, and mental well-being across the company. 20% Time is incredibly effective – and we believe that 20% Time should be in every classroom, community, and business throughout the GTA.

This is why we created Passion•Hack; a 2-month program that allows any business to immediately spark community-wide innovation through 20% Time. The program is co-facilitated by expert Jelly Social staff and trained personnel at your company (trained by Jelly Social). Local non-profits may also be invited to co-create community projects alongside your co-workers, and increase your social impact outcomes. The program starts with: an internal hack-a-thon (Passion•Hack) where co-workers kickstart their own passion project in 4 intense hours; progresses into 2-months of peer-to-peer accountability as they develop their projects (allocating 20% Time); and concludes with a demo night that showcases your co-worker’s completed community innovations.

Want to bring the Passion•Hack program to your company? Let’s get started:

The Passion•Hack Program


  • How many people will be participating?
  • Which non-profit community partners will be involved?
  • Who are the in-house team leaders (to be trained)?

Part 1: Passion•Hack

  • 4-hour Passion•Hack (hack-a-thon conducted at your company)
  • Facilitated on-site by Jelly Social volunteers
  • Deliverable: Individual project plan and prototype (co-created with non-profit partners

Part 2: 20% Time Accountability

  • 4 bi-weekly accountability check-ins (done over 2 months)
  • Designed to ensure that all participants remain on-track
  • Conducted by in-house team leader

Part 3: Demo Night

  • Jelly Social Demo Night
  • A public demo event to showcase employee passion projects at the end of the 2-month program
  • Co-promoted throughout the community by Jelly Social and non-profit partners (if any)