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Charles Sue-Wah-Singh




Facebook: @charles.suewahsing

Instagram: @suewahsing

Phone: 647-281-8265


Charles Sue-Wah-Sing is a professional business and life coach with a passion for entrepreneurship, leadership and purpose. His career life spans over 30 years from accounting, hospitality, e-commerce, digital marketing and product development and now coaching entrepreneurs and business leaders.

He understands the challenges entrepreneurs face when it comes to growing their businesses and finding balance with their personal lives – which overwhelms and creates doubt in most of us. And what Charles brings as a coach, strategist and confidante, is an ally that will inspire, motivate, empower business leaders to find their sense of purpose, get in touch with their source of creativity, grow beyond their limiting beliefs, deepen meaningful relationships and create a structure of accountability for the life they wish to create.

Charles is certified in NLP and as an Imago Professional Facilitator. He’s also trained in the Co-Active Leadership model. He provides a variety of individual and team coaching programs to suit particular needs and budgets. You can find Charles on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.


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