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Hang Zhao Coaching:




Facebook: @hzhaocoaching

Instagram: @hangzhao11

Phone: 416-830-7561


Hang Zhao is a professional Life and Leadership Coach, a Certified Public Accountant, a change maker, a relationship builder and a people magnet. Before getting into the coaching world, she spent more than eight years in accounting and consulting industries, and worked as an Internal Audit Manager in PwC at Washington D.C. Now, she partners with professionals to find their passion, empower their leadership gift, and build authentic relationships. She works one-on-one with individuals to cultivate deep connections, as well as with groups to build supportive communities. Hang designs and facilitates workshops on topics of personal transformation, leadership development, relationship building, etc. Combining deep compassion and sharp coaching capability, Hang creates a safe haven for open discussion, provides honest unbiased reflection and takes a stand from love and support, so people and companies can reach their fullest potential.

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