Sunjit Khamba holds both B.Eng and MBA degrees. He brings 10 years of experience in strategic development, and 5 years of experience in stakeholder / community engagement. He has developed a particular focus over the past several years on non-profit organizations, and regularly takes on consulting contracts for organizations requiring his services. He specializes in developing strategies that help non-profits uncover new revenue-generating strategies, while maximizing social impact. Sunjit is also a certified Human-Centred Design practitioner and facilitator, which transfers over quite well in his work with Jelly Social.

Amanda Russell brings 10 years of experience in event management, as well as 5 years in marketing and promotion. She has become a leader in the event planning industry, working particularly on coordinating networking events and luncheons around the GTA for local business owners. She also regularly takes on contracts to co-ordinate and execute digital media campaigns for various corporate clients.