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Neil Martin is the Cofounder of Project Spaces, a growing network of vibrant, affordable workspaces in downtown Toronto for entrepreneurs and digital nomads. Neil was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario before attending Queen’s University to study Media and Philosophy. An entrepreneur from a young age, Neil dabbled in everything from apparel design to event production, eventually meeting his future Cofounder, Jeffrey Howard, at Queen’s University where they were both managers for a campus event and ticketing kiosk. Nearing the end of their time on campus, Neil and Jeff decided to launch their first business together – a print magazine that quickly grew to become the largest campus publication in Canada.

That brought the pair to Toronto in 2011 and, tired of working from their living rooms, they rented a small office in a century-old building at the corner of King and Bathurst. With the print industry in decline, the magazine would eventually get shelved, but by that time Project Spaces was born… and the rest is history. When he’s not on-site building community at Project Spaces, you can probably find Neil at a movie theatre, playing his guitar, or relaxing at his favourite place… the cottage.



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