Co-Create Social Impact with Community Partners

The reality of the social service industry is that the rapid pace of change is quickly making non-profit programs, services, and skillsets obsolete. Non-profits must adapt if they’re to thrive in the new industrial age. However, non-profits do have a powerful skill that can help them navigate this new environment. Non-profits have always operated with an abundance mindset – embracing the belief that working together can achieve more than working alone. What if non-profits could better embrace this collaboration mindset and create innovative community solutions alongside local students, businesses, and entrepreneurs? We believe that non-profits and local partners should work seamlessly to co-create impactful solutions that benefit the local community. This is why we developed the Passion•Hack program.

The Passion•Hack program allows non-profits to tap into the ‘wisdom of the community’ to ideate, prototype, and scale socially impactful solutions. How? The key to the program is a 4-hour hack-a-thon (called Passion•Hack), where participants work on developing small-scale projects that align with the needs of your client community. The program allows your non-profit to instantly co-create a portfolio of solutions together with local schools and businesses.

Want to get started? We have 2 options for non-profits:

Option 1: Co-host a Passion•Hack Program

This is a version of the program co-hosted by Jelly Social, your organization, and your community partner(s). This offsets costs and allows your organization to launch the program at low-to-no cost

Option 2: Passion•Hack Hosted by Jelly Social

This is version of the program hosted by Jelly Social volunteers, for your clients, staff, or community partners

Passion•Hack for Non-Profits


  • Submit a list of challenges that your client community face
  • Which community partners will be involved?
  • Do you want to involve any staff or volunteers as facilitators?

Part 1: Passion•Hack

  • 4-hour Passion•Hack (hack-a-thon in collaboration with community partners)
  • Co-facilitated on-site by Jelly Social and volunteers
  • Deliverable: Individual passion project plan and prototype

Part 2: Peer-to-Peer Accountability

  • 4 biweekly peer-to-peer accountability check-ins (done over 2 months)
  • Designed to ensure that all participants remain on-track with their projects
  • Supported by team leaders and facilitators

Part 3: Demo Night

  • Jelly Social Demo Night
  • A public demo event to showcase co-created passion projects at the end of the 2-month program
  • Co-promoted throughout the community by Jelly Social and participating partners