Passion Projects Develop 21st Century Skillsets

Project-based learning (PBL) is a learning model that empowers students to learn by experiencing and solving real-world problems. This inquiry-based teaching method engages students in creating knowledge, while developing their skills in critical thinking, collaboration, communication, leadership, and resilience. Most importantly, these all happen to be 21st century professional skills that will define the future workforce. We believe that passion-driven PBL should be present in every classroom across the GTA. This is why we developed the Passion•Hack Campus program.

Passion•Hack Campus is a 21st century skill-development program for any school or classroom. Through this program, students are challenged to discover their passion and kickstart their own passion projects, while collaborating with other students, staff, and faculty. The program starts with: an on-campus hack-a-thon (Passion•Hack) where students will launch their passion project in 4 intense hours; progresses into 2-months of peer-to-peer accountability as they develop their passion project; and concludes with a public demo night that showcases student passion projects in the community.

Want to bring the Passion•Hack program to your school? Let’s get started:

The Passion•Hack Program


  • How many people will be participating?
  • Which school departments, faculty, and community partners will be involved?
  • Who will form the on-campus student group to support the program?
    • Students and faculty that are trained as on-campus team leaders to help facilitate the hack-a-thon and peer-to-peer accountability

Part 1: Passion•Hack

  • 4-hour Passion•Hack (hack-a-thon conducted on campus)
  • Co-facilitated on-site by Jelly Social and school volunteers
  • Deliverable: Individual project plan and prototype

Part 2: Peer-to-Peer Accountability

  • 4 biweekly peer-to-peer accountability check-ins (done over 2 months)
  • Designed to ensure that all students remain on-track with developing their projects
  • Supported by on-campus team leaders

Part 3: Demo Night

  • Jelly Social Demo Night
  • A public demo event to showcase student passion projects at the end of the 2-month program
  • Co-promoted throughout the community by Jelly Social and school partners