🎏 What You’ll Need

There are 3 key things that need to be in place before starting up any Jelly chapter:

  1. A Community Leader
    • A Community Leader is the person that will be the ‘face’ of the chapter in their selected community. This individual will ultimately be responsible for all things related to the chapter, and will be our main point of contact for coordination of activities. The Community Leader must be able to dedicate around 3 hours a week to chapter activities for at least 1 year.
  2. Community Volunteers
    • Every Community Leader will need a few volunteers to help out; especially at the events. Having 2-3 volunteers to help out is ideal. We find it generally quite easy to find people that really want to volunteer at Jelly events, so make sure to put out a call for volunteers as soon as possible.
  3. Event Venue Partners
    • We find it best to have about 2-3 venue partners in your community that can regularly contribute space in-kind for Jelly Social events. The benefit that Jelly Community Leaders can provide to venue partners is that we can engage the local community on their behalf, bring lots of people into their space, and do quite a bit of marketing and promotion for them.

Once you’re ready, please fill out the form below and we’ll contact you for next steps.

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